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Hi! I'm Betsy Heath and this is my website.

It's a good thing I'm a better artist than I am a web communicator, but please bear with me.


My philosophy on art is that a completed piece of art whether a sketch or a full size sculpture should need no additional commentary. 


My philospophy on teaching art is to try to pull the talent from the student to let them expand their way of communicating. So basically, I'm a facilitator. A student can come in with as loose an idea to something very specific and I'll help them achieve their goal in an atmosphere that is fun within a studio that I hope inspires everyone coming through the doors!


Please join me to shop for art or to take some classes. I look forward to meeting you.


Check out what I'm up to now on my blog! And, be sure to check out upcoming events on the HOME PAGE.

Thank you!



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