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Summer is OVER...WOW!

Wow, did summer fly by. I can't believe we're back to a new school year, football, Halloween, then Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner. And, I have so many things to create! I've been trying to enter some art gallery shows. So far I've been accepted in the two shows I applied for, which is amazing when I think about all the great artwork I've been competing against. Best of all I won one of the two! (Beginner's luck, I'm sure. ) Along the way I've been working more on my 3D designs and loving the challenges they bring. So here's a picture of "Patience My Angel" one of the pieces I've been working on. She's life sized, so probably won't make it into any gallery, but my own, but she's still a work in progress. It's her head...I've changed it at least 3 times and it's yet to say what I need it to, so here goes with one of the heads that DIDN'T make the cut! Stay tuned, I may finish her yet!

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