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Finished BCA Projects

I had a wonderful time teaching mosaics to Mrs. Erikson's art students at Jupiter Elementary as we finished the complementary 50' bench/planter that we started 2 years ago. The first one started with Florida/Palm Bay history taking images from sea-life to Indians to Ponce De Leon and early settlers to kids playing as today. The newer panels just completed show Melbourne area including the bridge, airplanes, golfers, beach volleyball players, more sea-life and of course the Space Center and launch.

I also finished, with Laura Quintin's help teaching the kids and Carol Skagseth volunteering all kinds of time and energy the mosaic at DeLaura Middle School. Mrs. Thacker's art students learned how to make a mosaic using 1" glass tiles and the inspiration of Roy Litchenstein. A great second project to the one we did 2 years ago that was inspired by Picasso and used stained glass pieces on that mosaic.

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