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Adding a NEW CLASS

Many people have asked for it, so here is a project driven class that has a start and an end date! Tuesday afternoons 1PM - 4PM March 8 - April 12th.

Go to Pinterest for some sample pieces to see under Surfboard Mosaics. You'll be given a 4' x 18" piece of mesh to work on shaped like a surfboard. Once you've gotten all your tile, glass, pottery, etc. pieces attached, your next decision will be where to adhere it...dircetly to a wall in your home?...on a piece of shaped wood to hang?.. or in your shower, on your dock, or as a tabletop or bar, or on a real surfboard! Endless possibilities!

You'll learn a variety of mosaic techniques, including different types of adhesives, how to cut glass and ceramics, when and how to grind or smooth edges, and more! Class fee includes supplies AND help with drawing your image! $175 You MUST PRE-REGISTER with a $50 deposit.

On top of everything else, YOU WILL HAVE FUN!!

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