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I've Been Busy!

Wow! Two installations this month already. I love it! Such diversity. One is a triptic... a commission piece I designed by carving arcgitectural foam and covering with canvas, painting and decoupage! What fun and the McFaddens love it! That makes it extra sweet!

The second installation I worked on for a couple of months carving and applying clay to make 12 x 12 tiles, then praying they wouldn't break, then learning the best way to keep from having to start over was to make molds of the tiles...then a whole new learning curve as Mike McCuiston helped me make the molds. He was a great mentor during this process and God love him he even insisted on going down to Sebastian to help me with the install. Yeah, Mike! And, thank you! Here's the finished photos at the Smith's outdoor kitchen backsplash. The photos just don't do it justice. It's really amazing if I do say so myself! Happy Creating!


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